A chronicle about artificial intelligence

Maurício was a very devoted and busy guy: a true Workaholic! Married to Ana, her relationship was deteriorating by the constant charges she made: civil aviation is cruel for weddings. “Maurice, you know what WHATSAPP, man... Etc.? Did you know that you can say cool things in these apps? I don’t agree that you don’t have time to talk to me. ” She said Ana in a rare dinner for two. “We’re married, that’s what matters my Love!!!” He justified him in the face of his wife’s startled gaze. Ana was the second passion of her life – airplanes was the first.

He knew that deep down he was being negligent and venting with a friend he discovered an ingenious solution. “You need the Messeplus AI. Yes, I’m talking about an application that uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence. It fires and responds messages according to some parameters. You don’t have to heat your head anymore. The friend said. “Hummm, that’s interesting.” I’ll try it on. You installed it on your Smartphone And in the first few weeks it was a marvel. Ana had radically changed, was more enamored due to Mauricio’s attention was dedicating to her and to marriage.

Actually, the app was a real spectacle. He said that Ana was beautiful, the saying that she loved her and her complex algorithm could even keep small dialogues and gallantry like: “I loved the color of the nail polish. It looks beautiful!!! Kisses… love you always!! ” However, Ana curiously with the confusion of the last messages exchanged decided to poke her husband’s cell phone and discovered the secret. She became outraged by the artificiality of this sudden attention. He installed the same application and was never interested in reading and answering the messages from Mauritius. The relationship went sour once and months, and then they came apart.

In one afternoon, from a rare moment of rest, Maurício decided to “clean” his cell phone, as this already compromised some functions, and was removing photos, videos, ETC applications, until he came across the message sent through the “Messegerplus AI” Which was active:

Message 3,435 Mauricio to Ana

– Dear and Sweet Ana, about Renata I promise to arrive early, because I make it a question to take you to a dinner to celebrate her 9 years old. Now as director of the company I have more freedom in my schedules.

Kisses on you, Renatinha and our little Gabriel.

Reply from 3,435 message to Ana for Mauritius

– Dear and beloved Maurício did not tell about dinner, will be a surprise for Renatinha. Gabriel does not go well in the college the teacher complains of lack of attention at the time of explanation. Who did you pull? Laughter

I’ll be waiting for you tonight.

I love our family.

There are 39 days left for our second trip to Disney.

(Sorry, I have a hard time writing in English. I used the Microsoft Word translator. I hope the tool can translate what I intend to say. Hugs)

Prof. Luciano Mannarino



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