Spending Time

IMG_2519          I‘ll include you in the group! Life has become an errant adventure and more and more that is a reality. We do not care about the consequences of our actions and the teachings that are passed before each of us, because we do not think about it. No Instagram? The virtual universe takes all the empty times of our lives the time to savor a coffee is done by updating the news feed. “Damn? That artist has already finished her second marriage!  Not so long ago we had these moments and they were in them that fit the reflections about our anxieties, fears, trajectory, doubts, etc. I don’t get tired of watching this movie‘s trailer. We turn into an audience that reacts indifferently to the spectacle of life and we bring to the Divine plan an empty, barren and utterly wasted existence.  Bionce‘s new song is Beautiful.
Luciano Mannarino

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