The Professor had a PhD, recently hired by the University, was directed  to teach the Chair of Introduction to Geology in our geography course. It was his first class. He was late, about 15 minutes, and with a magazine in his hand he seemed worried.

– Guys, my name and Waldir. I’m going to be your teacher this semester. I’d like to talk more about myself, but I was haunted by a study recently released by this renowned scientific journal. According to researchers, the  great reptiles had a bad vision, however, it was offset by a very precise sense of smell, and this meant that they could distinguish odors a few miles away. So what? Well, it is that the woman has a peculiar odor towards man and these animals were sensitive to this feminine smell, so they became potentially victims until they went to seek the male company for their protection and survival. Research concludes that man’s riseover women is much older than it seems.

Little pause and he continued…

–  Good “hook” to start our studies. I would like to think of you about the outcome of this research. Come on, I’d like everyone to participate…

A few seconds of silence until someone said that the research should have only been done by men which shows the sexist character of the results, others agreed with the researchers. There were people who even said that patriarchal society reinforced this relationship of domination!!! All I know is that it was about 30 minutes of intense discussion – almost had a chair flying through the room – under the gaze of a circumspect teacher until he resumed the speech…

– People, the research is false, the human race was not contemporary of the great reptiles. There are tens of millions that separate these species.

Welcome to geology studies.

What was the point of view I defended at the time of the discussion?


I didn’t say anything, I was saved by my shyness,

This time…

Prof. Luciano Mannarino.

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